Niche News: A Review of Niche No. 5!
Written by: Niche Lit Magazine

The Review Review ran a review of Niche No. 5. Review contributor Joshua Tuttle had this to say:

These stories have a timeliness about them which I found refreshing.  There is no pretension here; just stories, from our world, lived by the people of today.  Often, authors who seek to avoid letting their stories become dated strive to do so by cutting out any ties to the world-at-present; equally often, the result is a bland work with no remaining ties to the testimony of life.  Not so with Niche. This magazine tells us what it’s like to live now, in 2015, with all the right references to make the reader nod his head and say “yes, I am reading about the world in front of me in this very moment; I recognize this.”  There is an immediacy to this kind of truth that is valuable. 

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