Niche Vol 1


Issue one of Niche includes fine artwork from Pearl A. Hodges, Jessica Swenson, and the Italian artist Fabio Sassi. It also includes moving literary fiction and nonfiction from Bill D’arezzo, Molly Koeneman, Sean Jackson (author of Haw), Susan Land, Stephen Newton, Yinka Reed-Nolan, and Melissa Wiley. Our first issue also includes unique poetry by James Dunlap, Martina Reiz Newberry, Mercedes Lawry, Rosebud Ben-Oni (author of Solecism), Scott Starbuck, and William Corderio. This issue also proudly includes an all-exclusive interview with science-fiction and fantasy author, Neil Gaiman. (Interviewed by Scott Baseler).

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This issue was designed and photographed by Maria Surawska.

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