Niche Vol 3


Issue three of Niche includes beautiful artwork and photography by Sarah Katharina Kayß, and Ortha Davis III. It also includes beautifully rendered and entertaining fiction and literary nonfiction by William E. Burleson, Don Kunz, Meghan Lusk, Christopher Chilton, Nicholas Grider, Nicholas Hathaway, and D. Watkins, author of The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir. John Grey, William C. Blome, John Harper, Brian D. Morrison,Anne Whitehouse, and Zhicheng-Mingdé provided the moving poetry for this issue.

Kirsten McIlvenna, a reviewer for, had this to say about Niche: “My first impression of Niche was: it is great to look at. Like that initial, hormonal attraction when you meet someone new, I was drawn in instantly, ready to say, ‘I’d like to get to know you.’” You can find her full review of the issue three on Newpages.

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This issue was designed and photographed by Maria Surawska.  Robert Harris Burns also contributed photography for this issue.