Niche Vol 5


Niche Vol. 5 includes beautiful artwork from Pearl Hodges, Sara Catlett, Thomas Gillapsy, Chrystal Berche, Samantha Hardcastle, Clinton Inman, Agastya Ma’ii, and Holly Day. We are pleased to publish beautiful poetry by Julie Ascarrunz, Jean Kim, Daniel James Sundahl, Mike Cole, Gerard Sarnat, and Tim Jurney. We love these innovative micros from Alison Silverglad, Anya Sparks, Christine Kendall, and Jesse Sensibar. As always, we welcome top-tier fiction and literary nonfiction from J.E. Robinson, Melissa Valentine, Ariel Hafeman, Jahla Seppanen, Nina Skaya, and Nicolas Poynter (author of Funny Stories From the Bottomless Pit).

This issue was designed and photographed by Maria Surawska

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