Are we accepting submissions?

Submissions for Niche No. 7 are now closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted work for this issue!


Niche was created to be an inclusive literary magazine, but we only consider pieces that are well crafted, original, and previously unpublished. The best way to know what kind of work we accept is by reading the magazine.

Where and how do I submit?  We will only read pieces that are submitted through our Submission Manager. Any submissions sent through e-mail will be deleted without fail.

Do I have to include a bio? Please include a small bio with submissions. If you're unsure how to write a professional bio check out some of our tips here.

How many categories can I submit to? Please restrict submissions to one category at a time, (i.e. only submit fiction, not fiction and poetry in one submission).

Does Niche allow simultaneous submissions? We allow simultaneous submissions only if you notify us immediately when your work is accepted elsewhere. Please withdraw the submissions via the Submission Manager. There's no need to e-mail us.

You all SUCK. Why do I have to pay to submit? 

It is becoming fairly common now to charge small reading fees, and yes, ours is a relatively small fee. (Less than what you would pay for postage, or a grande latte at a Starbucks, which now costs $4.00- $5.00). Please understand that I’ve funded this magazine for five years entirely out of pocketWhat I’ve discovered is that it takes a certain amount of money to maintain and produce a quality literary journal. Please understand that Niche is a non-profit literary magazine. This means that all the money we receive goes towards designing new issues of the magazine, paying for Submission Manger, advertising on NewPages and the Review Review, website hosting, and savings for a full-fledged website. We have published upcoming authors and seasoned authors alike, and we continue to provide access to their stories, poetry, and artwork for free because we truly feel that artists and authors deserve to be promoted and read. 

But I still need help. Please direct any questions about the submission process to

Compensation & Rights

Do you pay contributors? We are so sorry. We cannot offer compensation for work at this time. However, all rights are retained by the submitter. We do ask that you credit Niche with first publication if a piece is later re-published elsewhere.

Do we at least get copies of the magazine if we're accepted?  Yes, of course. All contributors receive a free issue (PDF) of the magazine, which looks lovely on tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices. Please feel free to make as many copies of the PDF as you'd like and distribute them to friends, family,, strangers, whomever.

But I want a print version of the magazine. I want to hold a physical copy in my hands. Yes, I know. We are very, very sorry but we cannot offer contributors free copies of the print versions at this time. Why? Because consider ourselves an online literary magazine. However, contributors can purchase a print version of the magazine through Peecho themselves. If you choose to purchase an issue from Peecho, please be aware of the following:

  • The print versions of Niche are made by Peecho, a company based in Amsterdam.
  • We DO NOT have control over pricing.
  • We DO NOT receive a penny from sales.
  • Please also be aware that Peecho tends to vary their prices and, because of shipping costs, one full colored, small, and soft-covered edition of our magazine could cost approximately $28.00, if not more.
  • US buyers need to be certain that they've set checkout to purchase with US currency.
  • Again, we are not responsible for any magazines purchased from Peecho, and therefore, are not responsible for lost or damaged goods.
  • Please also be aware that the links to Peecho tends to disappear. We've attempted to fix this particular problem, but it is an error on their end, not ours.  If you cannot get to the purchase page on Peecho through the link we provide on the website, then please e-mail Katya Cummins at, and she'll send you a link that works.

Please consider buying a digital issue from us, or donating a little something. If you wish to help Niche pay for a new website you can help us donating any amount of money you see fit or by purchasing a digital version of Niche from us for just $3.00. Please note, however, that we are not selling the print-versions of the magazine.


Response & Production Time

We are an annual magazine so our general response time is  1-6 months. However, please do feel free to shoot us an e-mail if we have not responded within that time. We sincerely apologize for the wait but we promise that it’ll be well-worth it. We appreciate your patience in this matter and promise to keep contributors informed at every stage.

Short Stories & Literary Nonfiction

Short Stories & Literary Nonfiction pieces should be 9,000 words or less.

Please read our other columns, Shots of Expresso by Lauryn Ash, or Lessons From Strangers by Chris Fryer, or Writing After Academia by Christopher Smith or Lee Gutkind’s statement on Creative Nonfiction to get a feel for the kind of literary nonfiction we’re looking for.

Micros & Poetry

We accept 4 micros, 4 poems, 2 audio-video files of Spoken Word,
per submitter per submission cycle.

Please note that corrupt audio files will not be published.


Have artwork? We’ll take everything! Please submit high-resolution files only.

Book Reviews & Others

Book Reviews should be of books currently in print. (Unless you’re arguing on the behalf of an author that is out-of-print and shouldn’t be). We take reviews of literary journals (in print or online), Reviews should be more than 800 words but less than 8,000.

Please submit book reviews, author interviews, MFA Spotlights, Journal Spotlights, or thoughts and notes about writing to Niche Features.